Kortpad-Afrikaans, ´n basiese grammatika

ISBN 978-0-620-97893-4 (print)

ISBN 978-0-620-97894-1 (e-book)

Kortpad-Afrikaans / Shortcut Afrikaans is the first part of several books in the new Afrikaanse Tiptop Language Series. This grammar guide it is a short but comprehensive and bilingual reference work on most aspects of the Afrikaans language and will assist you through most of your Afrikaans studies. 

It was published in December 2021 and is available as an e-book on the one hand and as a print-on-demand book on the other hand. That means that the guide is accessible worldwide to any person who has an interest in learning or teaching Afrikaans.

Die inhoud - The contents

In Chapter 1 a short history of Afrikaans is presented (in English) to place the language in a South African context. 

Chapters 2-7 deal with the grammar of Afrikaans (written in Afrikaans with summaries in English):

  • Wat is Afrikaans? (What is Afrikaans?)
  • Afrikaanse klanke (Afrikaans sounds)
  • Om reg te skryf (To write correctly)
  • Om woorde te skep (To create words)
  • Woordsoorte (Parts of speech)
  • Verskillende soorte sinne (Different types of sentences)
  • Taal en betekenis (Language and meaning)

Professor Wannie Carstens,Professor Pamela Maseko,Professor Jacques van Keymeulen (Belgium),Dr Jacques du Plessis (USA)Karien Brits (South Africa, former lecturer in Poland).

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